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Video design is a creative field of stagecraft. It is concerned with the creation and integration of film and motion graphics into the fields of theatre, opera, dance, fashion shows, concerts and other live events. Video design has only recently gained recognition as a separate creative field. Prior to this, the responsibilities of video design would often be taken on by a scenic designer or lighting designer. A person who practices the art of video design is often known as a Video Designer. However, there is no accepted naming convention as yet, and so practitioners may also be credited as Projection Designer, Cinematographer, Video Director or Animator. As a relatively new field of stagecraft practitioners create their own definitions, rules and techniques.[1]


    1. History
    2. Roles of the Video Designer
    3. Technologies used in Video Design

1. History

Filmed and video content has been used in performance for many years[2], as has large format slide projection delivered by systems such as the PANI projector [3]. However, the development of digital projection technology in the mid 90s, and the resulting drop in price, made it more attractive and practical to theatre producers, directors and scenic designers. The role of the video designer has developed as a response to this, and in recognition of the demand in the industry for experienced professionals to handle the video content of a production.[4]. United Scenic Artist's Local 829, the Union representing Scenic Artists in the USA has included "Projection Designers" as of mid- 2007.[5]. This means anybody working in this field will be doing so officially as "Projection Designer" if he or she is working under a union contract. The term "Projection Designer" stems from the days when slide and film projectors where the primary source of projection. The German Erwin Piscator, as stage director at the Berlin Volksbühne in the 1920s, made extensive use of film projected onto his sets.[6]

2. Roles of the Video Designer

Depending on the production, and due to the crossover of this field with the fields of lighting design and scenic design, a video designer's roles and responsibilities may vary from show to show. A video designer may take responsibility for any or all of the following.[7][8]

    The overall conceptual design of the video content to be included in the piece, including working with the other members of the
    production team to ensure that the video content is integrated with the other design areas.
    The creation of this video content using 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion animation, illustration, filming or any
    other method.
    The direction, lighting and/or cinematography of any film clips included in the piece.
    The design of the technical system to deliver the video content, including the specification of video projectors, LED displays and
    control systems, cabling routes and rigging positions for optimal video effects.
    The management of the budget allocated to video, including the sourcing of display technologies and control technologies, their
    delivery, maintenance and insurance.

This is a very wide skills base, and it is not uncommon for a video designer to work with associates or assistants who can take responsibility for certain areas. For example, a video designer may conceptually design the video content, but hire a skilled animator to create it, a lighting programmer to program the control system and a projectionist to choose the optimum projection positions and maintain the equipment.

3. Technologies used in Video Design

Video designers make use of many technologies from the fields of stagecraft, broadcast equipment and home cinema equipment to build a workable video system. This is often because there are very few technologies specifically designed for theatrical video design. A video system may include any of the following.[9]

    Video projector
    LED display or solid state lighting systems
    Plasma screen
    Vision mixer
    Video camera
    DVD Player
    Media Server


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